A Harmonized Way to Measure Digital Media Projects

This is an exciting moment for the Canada Media Fund: earlier this week, we launched the Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework.

It’s a product of extensive research that aims to simplify how we rate digital media success. We spent many months in back-and-forth consultation with industry stakeholders. We also developed a complete process to validate our classification and measurement methodology.

Speaking for both myself and Julie Look, Director of Research and fellow co-director of this project, I wish to thank all the content producers, broadcasters, industry associations, other funding agencies and analytics experts who were involved. The challenge we faced ranking success of digital media projects across our different groups was colossal, a fact we all knew from the start. While digital media lets us track and measure almost anything, there is no common language that we can use to interpret the resulting numbers. Nor is there a unique data source – something comparable to television’s BBM ratings – that can give us an industry-wide baseline for data collection.

We wanted to “keep it simple,” but the system had to be flexible enough to encompass all types of projects supported by CMF. We think the projects we fund – whether in the Convergent or Experimental Streams – are fairly representative of the digital media landscape. That means that projects from different genres are available to users across multiple access points, including PCs, tablets, consoles and smartphones. We also allow for various delivery formats, some content arriving online and others embedded in applications or as packages downloaded and run offline.

A classification system forms one part of the Digital MediaMeasurement Framework (DMMF). This helps producers define projects and lets the CMF compare different ventures through data segmentation. The other part is powered by five widely used metrics that are standard in analytics software. The CMF will use these metrics to calculate Key Performance Indicators based on audience and consumption.

Today’s release is just the first step, an encouraging move towards much needed common measurement practices for screen-based digital media. The DMMF must keep up with our fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. Consultations will continue throughout the year, along with ongoing optimization of the framework. We will also form working committees to continue the development of the DMMF.

For more information, please see the related Digital Media Measurement Framework documents.

Catalina Briceno
Director, Industry and Market Trends


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