Technology for the imaginative mind

Initially posted in French on 01/20/2012

Amid the constant flow of technological changes and the ever-changing ways that media space has been used over the past 15 years, it’s become difficult to know which came first—the chicken (technology) or the egg (the new uses). However, one thing is clear: we are witness to an uninterrupted process that seemingly knows no bounds. Today’s technological possibilities are paving the way to the public’s adoption of new behaviors; and communication appetite and the augmenting expertise of users (particularly digital natives), are stimulating continuous innovation in technology.

Mashable offers us its post-CES 2012 recap where we get the feeling that this year’s show can be summarized as “evolution, not revolution” while TechCrunch categorizes its winners and losers of the year.

While the CES was in full swing in Las Vegas, we were invited to travel to France to make a presentation on the Fund’s policies and programs at the FORUM BLANC cross-media (TV+Web) industry conference. A certain amount of technology prospecting was also part of the event, with the technologies presented targeting opportunities for producers of audiovisual and multiplatform content. And therein, we believe, lies the interest. Therefore, to complement and expand on what has been widely reported about the CES, we wish to present a few discoveries made by Emmanuel Rondeau, Project Manager, Innovation, at Imaginove.

Kolor Eyes

Kolor Eyes is a video player for images recorded using a 360° camera. The device offers originality and an added advantage: an HTML5, WebGL-based device, it was not developed using a proprietary language (and therefore needs no extra plug-ins) and will eventually run on all platforms. Currently, however, it is only supported by Firefox 4 and Chrome.

To learn more:


Flash-based and developed by Honkytonk, Klynt is an editing and publishing application for Web-based narratives. The tool enables even non-specialized users to easily produce a complete documentary and broadcast it via the most popular social channels. One of its greatest assets is that it offers users the possibility to effortlessly produce non-linear and interactive narratives, opening many new creative avenues.

To learn more:


Shapeshot is an integrated process that enables the user to capture an element (usually a face) in 3D and reproduce it as a virtual model (visible via the Shapeshot app or a WebGL supported browser) or as an object (a bust, for example). Users must contact Direct Dimensions, the product developer, to capture the model using four off-the-shelf digital cameras, but the potential is there, and it bodes well for the future of personalizing the user experience, notably through the creation of avatars.

To learn more:

Geopositioning applied to fiction

Fictional literary works now exist that take a highly innovative route, exploring the possibilities that geopositioning offers, adding a new dimension to storytelling, and in doing so providing the reader with an entirely new experience. While the process itself is still in its infancy and seems sometimes to harken back to the old “you be the hero” books, its potential is clearly evident. Examples include a story integrated into Google Maps and the personalization of a story based on the location of the reader. Both use Foursquare data.

To learn more:

  • The 21 Steps, part of a six-story series published by Penguin
  • Wanderlust Stories by Six to Start; app is available on their site
  • Interactive walk using the app developed by Walking the Edit

Send us your own discoveries.


2 thoughts on “Technology for the imaginative mind

    • Hi David,

      Good point. Thanks for sharing.

      Although Shapeshot was presented in the Emerging technologies section of 2011’s Siggraph; the tools we’ve decided to present here have not been selected because they’re off-the-wall new; but because they’re gaining in popularity, become more user-friendly; affordable and can be used in innovative manners by imaginative minds…thus the title of our post 🙂

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