Coming up next: review of the 2012 media trends

As everyone is finalizing their Christmas list, digital media experts are hard at work on another type of lists: their 2012 predictions! What emerging trends, technologies and behaviors will impact the media industry in the next year?
As privileged observers, we will discuss those predictions in early Q1 of 2012 since some of these highly expected predictions – such as the TMT Predictions from Deloitte (the 2011 Predictions can be discovered here) will only be released in mid-January.
In the meantime, without trying to play “the crystal ball game” ourselves, we thought we would offer an appetizer: a hybrid between the review of the year 2011 and 2012 predictions. Therefore, we will gradually reveal – starting today and until Christmas- what we believe to be the “Top 10 must-watch” topics.   Many of these themes are not new, but we believe they will reach a tipping point in 2012, often passing from emerging phenomenons to shaping the new norm in digital media consumption.   We’ve selected them because of the influence we believe they had in 2011 and the role they will continue to play in impacting significantly the content production & media broadcast industry in Canada.


This week, we will post the original versions of the texts in English and next week, the original postings will be made in French.  Both the English and French translations of all the postings will be available in early January.  Enjoy your reading and Happy Holidays everyone!


The Industry and market trends department – CMF


4 thoughts on “Coming up next: review of the 2012 media trends

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