CMF Town Hall

Valerie Creighton (All Rights Reserved, Achilles Media)

Ce billet sera bientôt disponible en français.

Over a hundred people joined our team on Monday at the CMF’s first Town Hall event, an opportunity to look back at the Fund’s first year of operation and exchange with Banff Festival delegates.  You weren’t there?  No worries – you can download our presentation here.

Our President and CEO Valerie Creighton kicked off the session with a review of the year’s most important events. Of course, one of the best news of the year followed the latest Budget, in which the government announced that the CMF will receive funding support on an on-going basis.  The Fund will consequently be able to count on 100 million dollars annually from Canadian Heritage.

During the course of the last 12 months, the CMF has kept in tone with the industry, securing 20 partnerships, participating in 23 events and visiting 29 cities in six weeks during its public consultation.

And what came out of this first year of operation?  An increase of 89% in applications, 486 productions funded and a grand total of 337 million dollars invested in the industry.  This funding envelope triggered over 44 million dollars in production volume in the Experimental Stream and over a billion in the Convergent Stream.

Sandra Collins, our VP Finance and Administration, took the time to thank Telefilm for their help during this crucial transition year: “Roxane Girard and her team did a wonderful job administrating our programs, and we are truly thankful for all their hard work.”

Sandra Collins (All Rights Reserved, Achilles Media)

This first year exceeded expectations in many ways: “We had a 50% objective for projects with rich and substantial interactive content, explained Sandra.  We actually reached 65%!

Productions supported by the CMF dazzled audiences here and worldwide, as reported Stéphane Cardin, VP Industry and Public Affairs: “CMF Productions garnered 36 Geminis and 22 Gémeaux this year.  International sales have also boomed as numerous series have been sold worldwide, and many formats were bought by international networks.”

Stéphane Cardin (All Rights Reserved, Achilles Media)

For us, this first Town Hall was the opportunity to present this year’s achievements and look to the future.  In 2011, our envelope will reach 371 million dollars, and we will continue to work hand in hand with all stakeholders to adapt and shape the Fund as our industry evolves.

« We are pretty confident the Fund was successfully launched… Not everbody is happy, it’s not perfect, but we are ever evolving. » concluded Valerie Creighton.


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